50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Place to Live

image136750 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live

If you’re looking for a gay-friendly place to call home but can’t decide among the urban hustle of New York, the laidback seaside of Key West, or the open, daily life of Minneapolis, this book is for you! Travelers, Urban Pioneers, gay families and those searching for a new hometown now have an easy-to-read book that profiles 50 of America’s gay-friendliest cities.

Most guidebooks reduce coverage of the local gay community to lists – lists of bars, lists of dance clubs, lists of hotels, lists of resources. 50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live surveys each location from a “local’s point of view”. It features cities that are fun places to live, work, and visit because they encourage and nurture diversity. Each location is described in detail, with special attention paid to information the gay community most wants to know, including:

  • Gay-positive local politics and policies.
  • A dynamic gay community with well-sponsored activities and events.
  • Fun nightlife in local clubs, bars and music.
  • Cultural and recreational opportunities.
  • Positive gay health and outreach programs.

Life is more than facts and figures, so you won’t find a lot of confusing charts and rankings in these gay-friendly profiles. Each contains a vivid description, an overview of the gay community, and practical daily-life information on climate, housing costs, taxes, the local business environment, and much more. Interviews with local gay residents, community leaders, business owners, and cultural leaders create an intimate description of each location. You’ll also find helpful phone numbers and websites to make exploring and planning your vacation or relocation easier. Rounding out the book are tips and national resources that will assist in making your own life and city more gay friendly. The book also includes an easy-to-use, interactive CD containing a wealth of information to make your search that much easier—and a lot more fun!

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