Mary Poppins Returns

I found myself sitting in the theater growing sadder and sadder as I watched Mary Poppins Returns. Sadder still because I think the casting is perfect. I loved the cameos of Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury. So, what was it about this movie that made me so sad? All the elements were there. The […]

The Hate U Give

TheĀ  Hate U Give is a fucking brilliant movie. The script is amazing and the acting and directing is perfect, just perfect. While the entire cast is wonderful, Amandla Stenberg was brilliant and deserves awards and accolades for her performance. If you’re a person on the margins in America, this is a must see film […]

Can You Ever Forgive Me

Went to see Can You Ever Forgive Me with Melissa McCarthy. While draggy at points, it’s an interesting story (based on the true story of Lee Israel writing some 400 forged letters by famous literary figures in the early 90s). McCarthy is really very good in this and it’s nice to see her take on […]

Sophie Tucker

I continue to explore fame. I didn’t realize I had this tendency until I started to blog everyday and explore the movies and music and books that influence me. I had some free time and was scrolling through Amazon Prime looking for something to watch and there was a biography of the great Sophie Tucker. […]

First Man

On my weekly #ArtistDate day I had to stay close to home; no adventures deep into the desert. So, I went to see the movie First Man. It’s based on the book First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong by James R. Hansen. Yes, it’s another going to the moon story, but there’s something about […]