Can You Ever Forgive Me

Went to see Can You Ever Forgive Me with Melissa McCarthy. While draggy at points, it’s an interesting story (based on the true story of Lee Israel writing some 400 forged letters by famous literary figures in the early 90s). McCarthy is really very good in this and it’s nice to see her take on […]

Man’s Search for Meaning

Well, I’m not sure what I think about Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s a classic with millions of copies in print. There must be something to  this book, right? Millions have read it and that means millions have talked about it. There are thousands of reviews for each edition on Amazon. And, yet…I feel […]

Just Kids

I just finished listening to Patti Smith read her book, Just Kids.  I love life journey stories. I love hearing how people I respect and admire traveled to the place that I (along with millions of others) got to discover them. This is the story of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe and how they became those […]