Bear Poppies


Gold Butte National Monument

The weather has finally cooled here in Nevada and I’ve been out on Artist Dates exploring the desert. I shared this picture on Facebook and it’s gotten a lot of likes, so I thought I’d drop it here, too.

I like the challenge of driving these back country roads. Of visiting places I’ve never been before and discovering the scenery and having the experiences of the new and unknown. I like looking out at broad vistas and big skies. I like contemplating the rock art and ancient peoples who have traveled so many of these roads and washes. I like feeling connected to those ancient ones while pondering the tracks of soles in the sand of those most recently through this or that way. I like having a few hours alone to think or to not think or to avoid thinking. I like the smell of sage and pinion pines and the site of lizards and dragonflies and birds I can’t identify. I like the tired drives home feeling I’ve accomplished something and already having the desire to visit here again.

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