Dry Lake

This week’s Artist Date was a drive to the dry lake bed in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. 

The Refuge is an amazing place with wide open vistas, great desert back roads, and not many visitors. A place you can get away for a few hours or longer.

The drive was nice. I love this view of the road ahead, mountains in the distance, exploration. It was an overcast day, to the colors were muted through the cloudy sky.

The desert changes with the light. Blue skies, clouds, low clouds, filtered light, time of year, on and on, each day everything looks a bit different.

I do have to say that I’ve yet to see any Big Horn Sheep on my travels through the DNWR. The point of the DNWR is to provide a refuge for them, but they’ve so far stayed away from me. I guess that’s okay, they’re big and intimidating when you do encounter them.

The downside of the day were the big Danger/Keep Out signs that warn of the gunnery range deep into the refuge. And, there was a sign like that at the turn off to the dry lake bed, so I didn’t get to go there (I chose to adhere to the signs). But, the drive out there made for a nice afternoon. Plenty of time to contemplate the world and my surroundings.

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