Happy New Year, 2019

I’ve lost a few days. I guess that happens during the holidays.

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Eve. For me, it’s always been the high-pressure holiday. Growing up we did family things, but I didn’t really care for most of my family. And, the kids weren’t allowed to hang out with the adults (who were having fun drinking and smoking and playing poker).

Later in life, NYE was always connected to having a date, having someone to kiss at midnight. I didn’t have a serious romantic relationship until I was in my 30s. And, I don’t remember ever dating anyone during the holidays. So…alone at midnight with no one to kiss. Too much pressure.

Now, married 18+ years, it’s still not a big deal. Yes, there’s someone to kiss, so that’s nice. But, we tend to be home and asleep before midnight even happens. Somehow, I missed the thrilling middle years. I missed the big NYE moments. I missed something to jump from nothing to not really interested.

So, here it is, a new year. I don’t yet know what to say…

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