Lake Mead

For my weekly artist date (#artistdate), I bought a new Annual Parks Pass (America the Beautiful pass) and took a drive along the North Shore of Lake Mead.

I stopped at a few points to take pictures and I spent a little time walking around the red rock outcrops. I haven’t stopped there in over a decade. There are now lovely, new, well-maintained picnic areas that include grills. They’re nestled among some of the red rock which is perfect of climbing. I’m sure kids love stopping there.

I can’t help but think of the people who have come before us and wonder if they’d made this a stopping point 1000 or so years ago. Possibly a place to gain some shade for a bit, but probably not a true livable place–there doesn’t seem to be any water source nearby.

Anyway, today offered a lovely drive with perfect weather, although we are suffering through smoke from the California fires. A heavy haze has settled over Las Vegas. It did create two rainbow patches in the sky, but it’s certainly not worth the devastation.

Enjoy your journey!

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