Shut down the Embassy

Why aren’t their calls for the Saudi Embassy in DC to be closed down? How is it acceptable that a journalist is dismembered alive and there isn’t outrage from, well, hardly anyone in power? What the fuck is wrong with us? Where has our civilization taken us that this is acceptable? There have been a long line of atrocities committed by the US over the past few years (I’m sure it goes back even further). But, there have been so many in the past two years and it feels and seems as if nothing is being done. There hasn’t been checks and balances in the government for awhile. But, he was hacked to death while still alive. There are recordings. It’s been verified to be true. And, yet, nothing seems to have been done to rebuke anyone. How is this possible? How is this happening? What are our leaders in Washington doing? Why are they silent? What the fuck is wrong with us? A bone saw? Why is the world so silent? what have we become? Why are the US Embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia still open? Why haven’t the ambassadors been sent home, expelled from our country? What is wrong with us?

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