Can You Ever Forgive Me

Went to see Can You Ever Forgive Me with Melissa McCarthy. While draggy at points, it’s an interesting story (based on the true story of Lee Israel writing some 400 forged letters by famous literary figures in the early 90s).

McCarthy is really very good in this and it’s nice to see her take on a more serious role without odd slapstick moments. I think choosing a comedienne to play this role was a great casting choice because those moments of humor in the storytelling are well served.

The movie works–it’s well designed and crafted. The cast is great. And, for me, that means the directing is on. It was also wonderful to see Jane Curtin, who I truly adore, in a small role in the film, not to mention getting to spend some time in NYC quirky spots. 

I think I’m going to check out the book this is based on because there’s a bit of wit to this picture and I’m hoping that it’s on the page, too. 

And, no spoiler here, but I truly love where the title comes from. It’s great to learn new things!

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