The Water Heater

Photo by Lukas Spitaler on Unsplash

We’re without hot water for a few days. Our hot water heater died. It lived a good life. It coped with the extreme desert heat (it lives in the garage after all). So, it even had a few very cold nights to survive, too. For more than 11 years it served us. But, now, we’re inconvenienced as we wait for the home warranty folks to work well with the repair people to provide us a replacement. It would have been nicer if the thing had expired on a Monday or Tuesday. We would have had a faster turn around. But, no, it left us on a Saturday. Lots of folks in the service home service industries don’t work over the full weekends. So, we’ve had to wait until Monday for paperwork to be processed. Such is life. And, if we save a lot of money, well, worth the few days.

And, so, we’ve made a reservation at the casino nearest us. We get offers for free nights all the time, but rarely use them. Anyway, we’ve reserved a room for the night just to be able to take showers. There’s no cost for the room, so it seems worthwhile. Ah, life in the modern age.

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