Another Library Workshop

Over the past week, I’ve had two Fiction through Prompts library workshops. The attendees are loyal and consistently filling the room, which is so gratifying. There’s nothing worse than putting on an event and having no one show up. There’s something rather cool happening. As so many in this group of writers returns session after session their writing is getting better. This happens in my college composition classes, too. The students show up, they do the work, and they get better. I really like seeing this.

Now, I know this happens. I see it semester after semester and session series after series at the libraries. And, yet, it gets me excited. I love to see the work happen, to see the writers improve, and then to see the light bulbs come on because they begin to understand why they’ve improved. And, best of all for me, because I write with them during these sessions, and I hear and read their writing, and I offer feedback and critique, my own writing also improves. I truly love this part of my journey–by helping others I get better at my craft. It’s a great combination.

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