Out of My Mind by Alan Arkin

Out of My Mind by Alan Arkin is a brand new Audible Original for December. It was a free read (I have a monthly membership.) 

Well, it was nice to spend a few hours with Alan Arkin. I like audio performances because so often you get to listen to the author read their work. When the author is a famous person, that’s even more interesting because it’s like they’re right there with you. I like Arkin and a lot of the work he’s done on screen so I gave this a listen. 

Out of My Mind is an exploration of a few ideas related to spirituality and metaphysics and his perspective and experiences. These essays give insight into the actor, into the man, but they don’t really go very deep into exploring the ideas. It all feels rather rushed and pushed together. I don’t know that you’ll glean any new insights into your own journey or spiritual practices, but it’s 3 or so hours listening to Arkin talk about Buddhism and metaphysics mostly. I don’t know that I’d highly recommend this book, but, if you like Arkin and you’re a member of Audible, a free listen is a free listen.

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