I loved the movie Colette. It’s a period piece that Merchant and Ivory would have been proud of. From the opening scene, a long slow view of a ginger cat at the foot of a bed–seriously, it was minutes on that cat–the viewer is informed in great depth of the time, the place, the attitude, the atmosphere, and the fact that we were about to take a long, slow journey into the life of this famed French author, Collette. Seriously, everything about this movie is luscious, and period and imbued with meaning.

Telling you the story wouldn’t be the point, for you must see the movie yourself. But, Keira Knightley is fucking brilliant as Collette. All the cast rises to the challenge of telling this story, but they revolve around Knightley who captures the evolution of a country girl into a French literary treasure.

This is a historic film, but so timely today. Women simply haven’t and don’t take power as they should, IMHO. Colette discovers her power and then takes it with style and attitude. Go to the movies. Be inspired. And, along the way, enjoy the rich tapestry of well created period storytelling.

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