Vegas Valley Book Festival

I only got to spend a few hours at the Las Vegas Book Festival (Vegas Valley Book Festival). In past years I’ve spoken on panels, I’ve manned my own booth, and many years I’ve participated in the booth for the Henderson Writers’ Group. This year, I taught a class at the Gibson Library in the afternoon, so I couldn’t spend the whole day at the Festival hearing speakers.

Each year the attendance fluctuates wildly. In the early years, the Festival was held in a strip mall and the rooms would be packed. The event gained momentum and was moved to the Historic Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas. It’s worth noting that there’s no longer a 5th Street, that street is now Las Vegas Blvd. Anyway, over the past few years the attendance seems to have dropped. There’s always conjecture, but really, I just have no idea why people don’t attend in droves. It’s a well-produced event with national quality speakers.

So, while I didn’t get to attend much, I did spend time wandering the booths, talking to authors and publishers, and meeting some librarians. It was a lovely few hours and I look forward to next year’s event with great anticipation.

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