Happy Holidays

I’m sorry I don’t know who to credit this little piece of art to. I grabbed it when I saw it on Facebook a few years ago.

Betty Willis created the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign and chose not to copyright it. She wanted folks to use it and spread the image around: a gift to our city.

So, it’s December 25th. So much meaning has been given to this day. The Christians have their stake, of course. The pagans with winter solstice. There’s arguing about what songs can be sung and the meanings of songs and symbols.

A few years ago, I remained gung ho about the holidays, decorating, cooking, entertaining, participating in things. But, the past few years I just haven’t been in the mood. It all feels like too much work. It’s all surrounded by lies and commercialism. Now, I’m all for commercialism and a few lies now and then can be useful, but I’m just not in the mood for it all anymore. It really does feel like too much work.

And, so, life is a bit easier. I haven’t decorated (beyond a string of lights outside) so there won’t be any time devoted to cleaning it all up. I did cook this year, but a week early, for the poker group. They appreciated the meal and everything is not only cleaned up, but we’re done with the leftovers, too.

We don’t shop much. I got a few easy gifts for members of my critique group, but that was just a few moments on Amazon and a bit of paper and ribbon.

This whole idea of “meaning.” Well, I’ve left most of that behind. I see the religious stuff for the power grab that it is. I see the capitalism for what that is, too (we spend plenty throughout the year). I like the lights and try to forget about the meaning behind them. I like symbolism. I’m a writer after all. But, I just don’t feel like participating too much this time of year. I can’t say what ruined it for me or why I lost interest. But, I have.

I don’t need ghosts to come visit. I don’t need to change the past or the future. I just want to get through the next few days quietly. I’m not really all bah humbug about it, I just want to not feel like I’m being left out of something that happens over and over and that I really no longer see the point to.

Be safe. Be well. And, I’ll see you in 2019…

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