Mr. Lucky’s New Menu

So disappointed. I decided rather suddenly on Christmas that I wanted turkey. It’s not one of our traditions, but I wanted it all the same. And, so, I thought, who has great turkey in Las Vegas? And, we headed to Mr. Lucky’s. For years, this iconic diner offered a fantastic and filling open-faced turkey sandwich with a mountain of turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

Alas, we navigated the strip on this holiday afternoon, arrived at the Hard Rock, and headed to the diner. They have a new menu. It changed a few months ago. The traditional diner feel is gone from the offerings. Also gone, the open-faced turkey sandwich.

We opted to stay, ordering breakfast. And, spent way too much for ham and eggs and eggs rancheros. Although, it was tasty. The service is still terrific, too. So, that’s a plus. But, I don’t see us returning to Mr. Lucky’s any time soon.

It’s sad really. I get that there’s a need at times to update things. But, when things are nearly perfect, I also think it’s worth keeping them around. After all, the place includes the phrase: “The iconic 24 hour Vegas diner” right in its logo. Should it stay a diner?

So much for turkey on the holiday…

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