Mary Poppins Returns

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

I found myself sitting in the theater growing sadder and sadder as I watched Mary Poppins Returns. Sadder still because I think the casting is perfect. I loved the cameos of Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury.

So, what was it about this movie that made me so sad?

All the elements were there. The story is rather well crafted and makes sense. The good people win over the bad people. But, something just wasn’t “right,” or “correct.” Something was missing.

I love Emily Blunt, although there was a sense of darkness to her version of Mary Poppins (instead of mystery). I think Ben Wishaw is cute. And, I adore Julie Walters (one of the true highlights of this picture). Bu, something was missing.

The movie felt, well, flat. There just wasn’t the sense of wonder and magic for me that the original held and still holds. Of course, no one is as wonderful or as magical as Julie Andrews. The first time something is done is amazing.

But, on this revamp none of the songs feel memorable to me. I’m not tapping my toes the day after to the tunes. And, that makes me sad.

I have an expectation, especially of Disney, that they will create amazing, life changing, wonderful movies (especially when they redeux an icon as important as Mary Poppins.)

I’ve posted my sadness on Facebook and some have come back saying they love this new movie. I wish them well. I’m glad they had a positive experience. For me, well, it’s not that I want my money back. We make art and some of it resonates with others and some of it doesn’t. That’s part and parcel of this journey. But, I just want to feel glad and happy that I had an experience. So, I’ll try to find something else to stimulate the childlike wonder within me.

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