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We’re deep into the holiday thing. I thought I might decorate this year, but beyond putting some lights outside I haven’t done anything.

For many years in my life I made a big deal out of Christmas with trees and decorations and special meals and guests. A few years ago I stopped. It just feels like too much work. I mean, it’s just the two of us and my husband for years said he didn’t care or wasn’t interested in participating. He went alone because it was important to me–nice guy, right?

Then, I stopped. He didn’t say anything, ever supportive. But, then he started talking about missing the food, missing the cookies, missing the decorations. I’d converted him a bit over the many years we’ve been together.

So, while I didn’t decorate (I thought about it, but just couldn’t bring myself to do the work–it just seemed like too much work for little return), I cooked a bit of traditional food for our poker group. That was nice and now we’ve got leftovers for a week.

Do I regret or miss the decorations? Not really. I look at the boxes in our storage room and know what’s in them and that seems to be enough for me again this year.

It’s not that I’m exactly Bah Humbug. But, I just don’t feel like doing all that work just to look at a few twinkling lights and old family ornaments. Ten years ago it was so important. Now…not so much. We live in Vegas after all. So many places are decorated for days and it’s easy to soak up the lights and season.

Anyway…Happy Holidays. (The New Year cards are on my desk, but I’m not holding out any promise of getting them out into the world any time soon.)

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