My View of the World

So often, this is my view of the world. I head out on a desert back road, looking for wide open spaces and big skies, for mountains and desert, for Joshua Tree forests and fields of cacti. I love being out and about in the world. Seeing fluffy clouds in blue skies, exploring the less-traveled roads, finding rock art left behind hundreds and even thousands of years ago thrills me and inspires me.

So far, I’ve yet to write a character who explores the desert, but I think I might have one brewing, someone who will be recuring in the new series. But, he’s yet to suggest a trip to the desert. But, the new series is set in Las Vegas, so there’s a very good chance the explorations will begin to appear in my books. No promises, but it is what I’m feeling.

And, yet, I find myself inspired on these drives and the hikes that often result. I find myself thinking about the experiences of others. And, I find myself thinking about the stories I’m telling. I also spend a lot of time just being in nature, meditating, enjoying a quite mind, and exploring the idea of those who have come before me to these off-the-beaten path places. I like to escape the city for a few hours and just listen to the birds and watch them fly. I saw a beautiful hawk of some sort the other day. It didn’t want to be photographed, and yet it stayed within my view for a long time–posing until I actually had my camera open.

There are moments that are just living, when nothing else exists or matters except the view before me. That’s the journey. That’s what the journey is really all about.

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