It’s Black Friday. I’ve never really been a fan of shopping, not really. I like having things, but to be out in crowds and throngs and hordes of people shopping just for the sake of shopping, I’ve never really seen the point.

Years ago, many years ago, we stopped shopping for gifts for the holidays. When the nieces and nephew were old enough, we simply gave them cash. They knew better what they wanted than we did any. My husband and I have different view of gift giving and so instead of being disappointed with each other year after year, we started taking trips and cruises for the holidays–a much better use of money than disappointing gifts. Besides, when we need something or really want something, we get it.

So, when REI started the idea a few years ago of “OptOutside I was all for it. REI closes their stores on Black Friday and encourages people to have an outdoor experience rather than participate in the rat race of Black Friday throngs. I’m a fan. Go have an experience. There’s plenty of time to shop.

This pic is from a recent exploration of the desert north of Las Vegas.

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