Pride Family Bingo

Because of the winter break from LGBT Bowling, we were able to attend a Pride Family Bingo night at Hamburger Mary’s.

I like drag queen bingo. I like when gay life is just everyday life. That’s a nice thing. To see drag queens and scantily clad boys mixing with handsome men, as well as regular and older guys and gals, too. Plus families with kids. It’s nice; the way the world should be.

It was our first visit to the new Hamburger Mary’s in Vegas, too. The food is decent, the drinks affordable, the place was very clean (and nonsmoking!) We’re now on the mailing list and I’m sure we’ll check out some shows there soon.

We didn’t win at bingo, but that’s how bingo goes. We did have a decent burger and some beer and some entertainment while helping raise money for our community.

Bowling starts back up next week, so no bingo for a few months, but we’ll be back.

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