Churchill and Orwell

Just finished Churchill and Orwell: Fight for Freedom.

Just finished Churchill and Orwell: Fight for Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks. I don’t know what to think. I don’t really know what the goal of this book was. It certainly didn’t meet my expectations based on the title. And, it was a NYT bestseller, so lots of people read this book. It was reviewed and talked about and I guess praised. So, I scratch my head and wonder what the connection was. Why these two men. Why this storytelling. Neither of the men come off really well in the choices of experiences.

I do find both of their lives interesting. But, for me, there was something missing and it seemed like something important. These two lives didn’t intertwine, not really. They both knew of each other but didn’t know each other personally. They weren’t exactly contemporaries. They were on the planet at the same time, but their circles and influences were very different. The deeper I got into the prose, the further apart they seemed. I once again say, I didn’t get it, didn’t get the connection beyond them both being British.

Why did I stick in there to the end? Well, I felt invested. And, as I said above, I like both of these men. Although, after reading this book, I don’t care for Churchill as much.

Do I recommend? Have at it. Maybe you’ll see something I didn’t.

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