Taking a Break

Time is moving so fast, very fast, incredibly fast. I just don’t know where it goes. One moment I’m working on a project, the next, weeks have passed, even months.

One of my time theories is that the older we get the smaller the percentage is of time that each day represents in our journey. Therefore, today, compared to when I was a small child, is moving faster. I don’t know if this is true. But, I can say, since I came to this realization, it seems that time is moving faster and faster. Perhaps this is a law of attraction thing. I’ve decided that time is moving fast and therefore it is.

However it works out, I look at my blog and realize it’s nearly 8 weeks since I posted. And, there’s not reason. I’ve been reading books (14 so far in 2019), going to movies, and plays, and events around Las Vegas. I’ve taken artist dates out into the world most Fridays. I’ve been teaching classes and running the workshops where interesting ideas come up all the time. And, yet, the habit of blogging stopped.

There are times when so many of us blog and receive no comments and that takes the wind out of our sails. I claim that. Also, after the holidays, and classes starting back up, I was tired and occupied. And, being a creature who is all about patterns and habits, once the momentum has slowed or stopped, it’s difficult to get back into the flow.

There’s a bit of irony too, because during most of this break, I’ve been teaching a class on reaching audience which has included websites, and blogs, and ideas about using social media…alas, I stumbled and fell.

But, I’m still here, still alive, still working, still exploring, still trying to arrive at the meaning of life–unsuccessful on that score. Hopefully, you’re still around to witness, too.

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