During The Writer Workshop meeting yesterday there were questions about the writing journey and career. There are lots of resources out there, but yet folks have questions. It’s not about that broad general concept of career path, but instead the personal journey. Each moment and step are different. We all have questions and want advice. We want to avoid mistakes. We want to learn quickly. We want to find success as easily as possible.

I do think that’s where finding a mentor can be helpful. When you work with someone who has gone down the path before you they have ideas and information to share. They have experience. Most have a concept of “If I had to do it again, I’d change XYZ.”

So, we shared a nice few moments at the end of the workshop talking about next steps, and the journey, and the personal plans, and the direction. Some want to be better writers (don’t we all?) Some wanted to know about conferences. Some wanted to know about queries and submissions and agents. Some just listened–not sure if what they needed in the moment was addressed.

All we can do is share our experiences with others. They have to decide on their next steps. But, experience is valuable, not just to us, but to those near us seeking advice.

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